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FoodieTube was established in 2022 to create a community of foodies sharing experiences.

We are foodies, and you'd think it would be easy to find videos of great foodie experiences but we found it a challenge. We talked to our foodie friends and they told a similar story. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, are full of videos but try finding a great place to eat, enjoy a coffee, or grab a beer. So we're building a community of foodies who want to share their fun foodie experiences on video. No winging. No bad reviews. Just videos of the good stuff.

And for all the amazing operators out there, we thought they should be able to share the foodie experience videos on their social channels. Their support means we can offer our community prizes, events, and special foodie discounts. Everyone benefits!

Take a team of entrepreneurs, work hard, make sure each day ends with great food and wine, and you get an amazing platform for foodies and for operators.

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We’re based in Malta

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We're having a great time! Like all start ups it's hard work and making those big plans come alive takes time and energy. Finding committed investors, hiring great people, and creating awareness around the world, are our current challenges. Can you help? Then say hello.

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